Part 78: Bullying the poor new Honeycomb widget

Earlier this week, I immediately installed Zabbix 7.0beta3 when it came out. Back then I quickly tried out the new Honeycomb widget with some actual data.

As a regular follower of a weird gaming channel Let's Game It Out on YouTube, I couldn't resist thinking in that channel host Josh voice in my head saying "I wonder if there's a limit..." (to the number of elements you can have on Honeycomb widget).

Select ALL the things!

My What's up, home? Zabbix is very small, with only 3172 active items.

Part 77: Welcome, Zabbix 7.0beta3

Zabbix 7.0beta3 got released today, so of course I immediately updated my What's up, home? environment to run it. Like usual, the update process was seamless and fast, going through everything in about a minute with my Raspberry Pi 4. 

As I updated Zabbix maybe ten minutes ago, these are very real-time impressions of the new version.

Part 76: I installed a Zabbix proxy for What's up, home

Recently I installed a Zabbix 7.0 proxy on a remote rental FreeBSD virtual server of mine. Why?

To give Zabbix 7.0 proxy some hard time

I do not envy my new proxy. If I would be a piece of software, I really would not want to be it. No, not because it would be challenging -- no, this one must be the most bored proxy of all time. It doesn't have too much to do, other than now it's testing this blog and few other websites instead of my home Raspberry Pi 4 doing that.

Part 74: Back to basics -- weird home monitoring

Lately I've been writing so much about GPT4All, synthetic monitoring and ProxySQL that this blog has drifted away from its original scope quite a bit. Let's return to roots for a while -- at least for this post, and see what's new on my home monitoring front. Or, not necessarily new, but details I have not shared with you earlier.

Part 73: Use ProxySQL to help your database

If you have a busy Zabbix system with lots of people using the web interface, perhaps Grafana with complex dashboards connecting to your Zabbix, and many other tasks directly communicating with the database, here's an idea: try out ProxySQL, a yet another nice open source product.

Part 72: Few dashboard panel ideas

After my few posts about synthetic monitoring over multiple Proton VPN tunnels, it's now time to show some weird widget ideas. I did already show you the standard widgets and panels I made, but how about something that's possible through open source and the fantastic community? The custom widgets really make the observability machine to hum smoothly. This time, I'm showing some Grafana panels to visualize the data gathered by Zabbix.

Part 71: Zabbix 7.0 beta1 --> beta2 update was painless

I was supposed to show you some dashboard creation, but Zabbix 7.0beta2 came out today and of course I had to update to it. The update itself was just as uneventful as I hoped -- with my Raspberry Pi, the whole process went through in about a minute. This blog post is probably among the shortest I have ever made, but the one new feature made me post this immediately. There are other new features like still more performance tuning under the hood, smaller cosmetic changes such as new icons, but the one that got me excited is...

Part 70: What's your name, again? Time for DNS monitoring!

As Zabbix 7.0 gains some enhancements in DNS monitoring, too, let's add to that my synthetic monitoring toolpack theme of the week. I'm not actually sure if my global testing is global in reality, as this is going through Proton VPN. The results look such similar that maybe the tests are using some nearby Proton VPN DNS server... I didn't yet check with Wireshark. Anyway, let's imagine this would work.

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