Currently monitored

Originally I just planned to monitor our home router and Cozify for its basic "is it up or down?" status. Things got escalated. This is the current status.

AdGuard Home

  • Is the ad-blocker enabled?
  • Number of DNS queries
  • Number of DNS queries blocked
  • Number of times parental filter did hit
  • Number of times safe search was enforced
  • Average processing time

Air conditioner (MQTT)

  • Power status
  • Fan speed
  • Mode
  • Target temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Can also be controlled from custom Zabbix context menu

Air humidifier

  • Power status

Airport departures/arrivals

  • Track Helsinki airport departures/arrivals through Grafana's Infinity data source

Air quality (outdoors)

  • Data being fetched from OpenAQ using Zabbix HTTP agent item type

Apple products

  • Apple Watch and iPhone monitored through Home Assistant's HomeKit Controller integration, data brought to Zabbix over Home Assistant API
  • Monitored data includes for example steps, average pace, distance, altitude, GPS accuracy, vertical accuracy, mobile connection type (cellular/wifi), current activity, location and so much more.

Baby girl

  • Stroller cabin temperature (monitored with a RuuviTag)
  • Cry detection (by iPhone/Apple Watch, events sent to Zabbix using Shortcuts automation and a text file)
  • Bedtime guesstimate based on bedroom Philips Hue light strip night light mode status


  • Monitor BackupPC backups so my home Zabbix won't get lost
  • Monitor Apple Time Machine backups age so my other stuff won't get lost


  • Check for color


  • Geolocation sent to Zabbix whenever I start the car

CCTV camera

  • Reachability
  • Power status
  • Stream condition
  • Firmware

CO2 levels

  • Netatmo IoT device & HomeKit & some Siri Shortcuts feeding data to Zabbix


  • Monitor that my custom scripts are properly being run

Countdown timer

  • Was "Is it Zabbix Summit 2022 yet?", but of course possible to countdown to any date


  • Home Assistant, HashiCorp Vault, Ansible Semaphore, some other Docker instances running on my Raspberry Pi or laptop are being monitored for their status through standard Zabbix Docker template

Door sensors

  • Reachability
  • Battery status
  • Last open/close event
  • Used for my facial cream monitoring, too


  • What, who wouldn't have Elasticsearch at home? Monitored by standard Zabbix Elasticsearch template


  • Current average price per kWh (Nordpool)
  • Finland's total power consumption (Fingrid)


  • Aircraft coordinates
  • Altitude
  • Speed

HashiCorp Vault

  • As my Zabbix is using HashiCorp Vault for credentials, I'm also using the Zabbix built-in HashiCorp Vault template for monitoring it


  • Power status

Home router

  • All the usual router stuff over SNMP
  • NetFlow (coming soon, maybe)

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28a

  • An USB-connected laser printer
  • Monitored using ipptool
  • Returns back printer states, uptime, remaining toner level, firmware version, some other details


  • What, who wouldn't have Jenkins at home? Monitored using the standard Zabbix Jenkins template

Laptop webcam

  • In use or not?


  • Power status
  • Brightness
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Reachability
  • Firmware version


  • Central syslogs received by Zabbix

Lunch menu

  • Notify when a new menu is published

Mobile data usage

  • Based on my OpenVPN connection traffic whenever I am not at home

Motion sensors

  • Battery level
  • Motion detected events
  • Light level (lux) if supported by sensor


  • Zabbix server MySQL, monitored by standard Zabbix MySQL template


  • Implemented with softflowd, ELK stack, ElastiFlow and Grafana Elasticsearch plugin; work to get my own NetFlow implementation working on Zabbix is underway

Northern lights

  • Current probability of seeing them

Philips OneBlade shaver

  • Estimated runtime left based on audio frequency

Power sockets

  • Reachability
  • Power status

Product prices

  • Some product prices from a specific Finnish company, requested by my wife

Raspberry Pi 4

  • Runs my Zabbix
  • Monitored by Zabbix Agent2

Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaner (dumb model with no IoT functionality)

  • Monitor how long its moving
  • Monitored using RuuviTag


  • Follows the RSS feed of this site just to be sure it's OK

Smoke/Fire alarm

  • Reachability
  • Battery level
  • Alert status

Sonos smart speaker

  • Power status
  • Reachability
  • Volume level
  • Play status (stopped/paused/playing)
  • Current song


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Reachability
  • Battery level


  • Power status (estimated by its IMCP ping)


  • Monitored by built-in Zabbix OpenWeather template


  • Monitored through standard Zabbix web scenario
  • Access log monitored in real-time via my custom template
  • Global availability monitored through Asuswrt-Merlin, Proton VPN and Zabbix web.page.perf
  • Global availability traceroute via MTR template
  • DNS performance monitoring
  • DNS results monitoring

Other features

Generative AI

  • Integrated with local GPT4All LLM. Zabbix is able to comment about the alerts in any way I like
  • Sister site generativeai.whatsuphome.fi 100% generated by GPT4All

Blender 3D software integration

  • Custom Python scripts call Blender API and change alerting objects in scene to be red
  • Real-time embed of the render results to Zabbix interface for both static images and X3D interactive 3D scene

Star Wars xscreensaver module integration

  • Send Zabbix alerts over Real-time export functionality to another laptop, which then parses the JSON to text, the text then used by the xscreensaver module

IoT remote integration

  • Send events to Zabbix using a remote

Take screenshot of websites

  • Selenium scripts can take screenshots of website when they alert, or anytime from a Zabbix context menu

Fairy tale alert template

  • What's a better way to put your baby to sleep than read her a different kind of fairy tale?

Zabbix 7.0 custom widgets

  • For now, copied the one we did do during Zabbix Summit 2023 custom widget workshop, allowing to filter alerts by clicking on a custom navigator panel.

Zabbix HA cluster

  • There's a risk of rolling blackouts in Finland this winter, so my laptop acts as a standby Zabbix server, ready to kick in if the power fails and my Raspberry Pi 4 goes down. Implemented using the standard Zabbix HA feature.
  • MySQL replication from my Raspberry Pi 4 to a dedicated VM running on my Linux laptop
  • In addition, daily encrypted backups of MySQL database with mysqldump + gzip + zulucrypt
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