Part 68: Global availability monitoring via a single home router

My blog has global audience, so would be nice to know how well the site itself is reachable from different points of this planet. In this blog post, I'll setup a very different solution with Zabbix to do that. No remote proxies or agents, just a single home router and a VPN service. 

Also, in this story, I probably found out a small bug from Zabbix web scenarios, or how Zabbix or its agents behaves with them. I will let the Zabbix team to decide.

Part 50: Monitoring tripped fuses

Can you monitor tripped fuses with Zabbix? Of course you can!

Some time ago our district heating got some beating. There was a heavy storm which probably did cause the fuse for our district heating device to trip, and I did only notice that after maybe ten hours by accident. I noticed it when I went to check the ventilation control panel, which is in the same closet than our district heating device.

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