Part 66: Add AI generated summaries to Zabbix or Grafana dashboards

Now that my (admittedly repetitive) Generative AI blog has been up and running for a while, it's time to give you ideas how to utilize this AI weirdness inside your Zabbix or Grafana, too.

How about an automatically updated alert summary for the next on-call person around the time the shift is about to change? There would be multiple ways of doing that, in my case I did it like this.

Create a cronjob

My cronjob runs the following every hour: 

Part 65: GPT4All is compatible with Zabbix 7.0 ChatGPT widget

For those of you who were present in Zabbix Summit 2023 in Riga, Latvia do probably remember how InitMAX demoed their Zabbix 7.0 ChatGPT widget. That was and is extremely cool, but even though the plugin itself is freely available and open source, using it with ChatGPT requires a ChatGPT account and real money.

Part 64: I, for one, welcome our new AI blogger overlords

As I now have GPT4All perfectly suitable for writing fascinating stories about everything, why not to utilize it even more? Please welcome the new spin-off website, What's up, home? Generative AI Edition. A cronjob running on my What's up, home? environment will run itself every morning 7am Finnish time, generate a fresh new story based on active Zabbix alerts, and post it to the new website over Drupal API.

Part 62: Zabbix the AI alert journalist

As I am now entering the dungeons of Generative AI, of course I'm having some fun. Instead of just analyzing a single alert through Zabbix manual actions, how about using the Zabbix API and the official zabbix_utils for querying the active alerts and feeding the list to GPT4All?

Part 61: My Zabbix goes Generative AI

I just integrated my Zabbix with locally running generative AI in five minutes. You could do it, too. Here's how.

Install GPT4All

For my test, I'm using GPT4All, or its Python libraries. Install it with 

pip install gpt4all

Next, I took one of their example scripts and added very primitive command line argument handling. Here's the full Python script.

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