Part 70: What's your name, again? Time for DNS monitoring!

As Zabbix 7.0 gains some enhancements in DNS monitoring, too, let's add to that my synthetic monitoring toolpack theme of the week. I'm not actually sure if my global testing is global in reality, as this is going through Proton VPN. The results look such similar that maybe the tests are using some nearby Proton VPN DNS server... I didn't yet check with Wireshark. Anyway, let's imagine this would work.

Part 69: Traceroute monitoring in my Zabbix global availability checks

As a continuation to my previous global blog HTTP response time monitoring, let's continue with tracerouting. Apart from extremely small modification, for this feature, I cannot take the credit, but it belongs to this guy. It's time to add some fancy mtr data to Zabbix!

Part 68: Global availability monitoring via a single home router

My blog has global audience, so would be nice to know how well the site itself is reachable from different points of this planet. In this blog post, I'll setup a very different solution with Zabbix to do that. No remote proxies or agents, just a single home router and a VPN service. 

Also, in this story, I probably found out a small bug from Zabbix web scenarios, or how Zabbix or its agents behaves with them. I will let the Zabbix team to decide.

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