Part 37: Welcome, Zabbix 6.4.0(rc1), possibly with a trivial bug

Three cheers for dynamic item value background colours! I just upgraded to Zabbix 6.4.0rc1 and the new dynamic panels literally bring new colour to my life. But... YO ZABBIX TEAM! Did I find a bug?

I updated to Zabbix 6.4.0 release candidate one about 30 minutes ago, and one immediate thing I have waited to get to do would be to start using the dynamic colours in the item value panels.

YAY! Now I have them.

Not yet in all of my panels, but I decided to come and write this blog post immediately for two reasons:

Zabbix saved us from a freezer incident

This morning my wife took something out of the freezer and for some reason the door was not properly closed. Unlike back in March 2022 during which a similar incident (but with an accidental power button push) started this while project, today nothing bad happened. We got alerts as soon as the freezer got too warm, and closing the door did resolve the issue in 15 minutes. Thanks, Zabbix!

Part 35: can you debug baby's nocturnal waking?

Can you debug your baby's unreliable nocturnal sleeping cycle with Zabbix? Of course you can! Or, as babies can be very random, maybe "possibly". Additionally, can you monitor when your baby goes to her night sleep with Zabbix? Of course you can! By day, I am a lead site reliability engineer in a global cybersecurity company. By night, I monitor my home with Zabbix & Grafana and do some weird experiments with them.

Not really any new functionality in this post, but utilising the data my Zabbix is collecting. 

Development news: sorry for the delayed updates

I have not deserted my project, not at all. Our about 5 1/2 months old baby girl has decided to start waking up about at the same time with me, so my usual time window for updating this blog is gone for now. The blog will return as soon as possible (I'm almost done with the next update anyway).

Part 33: My nine months experience with Raspberry Pi 4 and Zabbix

Is Raspberry Pi 4 a goodbye or good buy for running Zabbix? How is it performance-wise? Is it reliable? Here's my nine months review of it, with a splash of appliance/application performance monitoring.

After in about April 2022 when it became clear that I am going to continue my home monitoring project, I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 to run the show. Here's my opinion how well it is suited for running Zabbix.

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