Part 57: Control your lights with Zabbix

Can you control your lights with Zabbix? Of course you can!

As I told during my Zabbix Summit 2023 speech, there will be a blog series about how I control my home with Zabbix. Let's start with how I control my home office lights -- or any light connected to our Cozify -- with it.

First of all, in Cozify I have the office light (Philips Hue) like this.

Part 56: Track product prices with Zabbix

In December, my wife told my how she's annoyed about one Finnish company which tends to change its product prices out of nowhere all the time. To visualize this, of course I added a random product from that company's website to my dear What's up, home? monitoring.

The products in question are not complex to manufacture, and are not dependent on terribly fluctuating things like chip availability, oil prices or similar factors. Anyway, the price randomness is very real - the price varies between 23.90 EUR and 59.90 EUR.

Part 55: How badly a limping memory card affects Raspberry Pi 4 performance?

Now almost a year ago I blogged about my nine months of experience with running Zabbix on Raspberry Pi 4. I guess it's time to revisit that a bit, as the probably soon-to-fail memory card that came with Raspberry is causing all kinds of issues, even though everything important like Zabbix database is stored on external USB drive.

The filesystem layout

My Raspberry Pi is still booting from the memory card that came with it. However, I have moved much of the stuff to external USB drive I have connected to Raspberry:

Part 54: Upgrading MacBook Pro Retina mid-2012 to macOS Sonoma was a terrible idea

Can you monitor your MacBook behaviour with Zabbix? Of course you can!

My personal Mac is old. It's way too old, actually. It's a MacBook Pro Retina mid-2012 -- yes, I bought it back in August 2012. It has served me well, even so well that with OpenCore Legacy Patcher it has been if not snappy, but fast enough to use for my blogging purposes and so forth. The laptop was running macOS Ventura until few days back, but then I made a mistake -- a big mistake -- as I upgraded it to latest macOS Sonoma.

Part 53: Sorry, NixOS took my attention

Can you monitor NixOS with Zabbix? Of course you can! And that's why I've been silent lately.

Well the bold text is pretty much unnecassary. NixOS is at least semi-supported for Zabbix. I would not set my primary server with NixOS, not with its current state, but for everything else, it's awesome and different.

Part 52: Thank you for the Summit!

Thanks everyone for the awesome Zabbix Summit 2023! It was a pleasure, yet again. Here's just a quick update, as unfortunately I was sick for several days last and this week.

Now... the QR code thing I did show to you during my first speech. The next day I told that total I saw about 800 hits to that page. Of course, we had a joker in our audience who wanted to refresh the page more than once, and he admitted that to me after the event on LinkedIn. :) 


Part 50: Monitoring tripped fuses

Can you monitor tripped fuses with Zabbix? Of course you can!

Some time ago our district heating got some beating. There was a heavy storm which probably did cause the fuse for our district heating device to trip, and I did only notice that after maybe ten hours by accident. I noticed it when I went to check the ventilation control panel, which is in the same closet than our district heating device.

Part 49: Community Service Day to help small businesses

Today Forcepoint's Finland team had our Community Service Day, during which we do something good for our communities. Much of the team went for example to donate blood or do some outdoor activities, like helping to clean parks and beaches.

I decided to help one of our local businesses. Not giving out its name because that would immediately reveal where I live. Anyway, the business owners were totally impressed that someone would offer them support like this for free.

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