Part 46: 7 things to beware if you monitor your home

When reading this blog, you could easily think that everything is smooth sailing all the time. No. When you monitor your home IoT -- or frankly, just USE your home IoT -- you have plenty of small details to watch out for. I list them for you, so you don't have to find them out the hard way like I've done over this 1+ year of journey.

Screenshot from Blender

Part 45: Zabbix the radio station plus Zabbix theme song plus alert songs

Can you create a radio station with Zabbix? Of course you can! Have you ever wondered what kind of theme song an AI would write about Zabbix? Or how it would sound like if someone would sing your Zabbix alerts? Then keep on reading.

Part 44: Can ChatGPT help setting up monitoring an USB-connected printer?

Can you monitor an USB-connected printer with Zabbix? Of course you can! But can ChatGPT help setting up the monitoring? Well... erm... maybe! By day, I am a Lead Site Reliability Engineer in a global cyber security company, Forcepoint. By night, I monitor my home with Zabbix & Grafana and do some weird experiments with them. Welcome to my blog about the project.

Part 43: Monitor your mobile data usage

Can you monitor your mobile data usage with Zabbix? Of course you can! 

As it is Easter, this entry is a bit short but as I was remoting into my home systems over VPN and my phone, I got this blog post idea. 

When on the go, I tend to stay connected to my home network over VPN. Or rather, an iOS Shortcut pretty much runs OpenVPN home profile for me whenever I exit my home. 

What's my facial cream SLA?

I've been busy as a bee, so I've been unable to post new content here... anyway can you imagine it's been more than one year of What's up, home? already?! Time flies! 

To celebrate that, here's a proof of how bad I am still with remembering to apply my facial cream. Check out this SLA report for some recent weeks. I still get alerted about it and still after an alert it can go for long enough that my SLA can be really bad. Uh oh. Maybe on one day I'll learn.

Part 42: Monitor your iPhone & Apple Watch with Zabbix

I'm entering a whole new level of monitoring and "What's up, home?" could now also be called "What's up, me?". Recently my colleague did hint me about Home Assistant's HomeKit Controller integration just to get my HomeKit-compatible Netatmo environmental monitoring device to get to return value back to Zabbix without my Siri kludge.  One thing lead to another and now I'm monitoring my iPhone and Apple Watch -- so, practically monitoring myself.

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