Part 64: I, for one, welcome our new AI blogger overlords

As I now have GPT4All perfectly suitable for writing fascinating stories about everything, why not to utilize it even more? Please welcome the new spin-off website, What's up, home? Generative AI Edition. A cronjob running on my What's up, home? environment will run itself every morning 7am Finnish time, generate a fresh new story based on active Zabbix alerts, and post it to the new website over Drupal API.

Part 31: Welcome to my new virtual home!

New year comes with new ideas, so I decided to move my blog from LinkedIn to a dedicated website, This week I'll write about the rationale of my move.

LinkedIn articles did serve my blogging purposes quite well. However, now that my home monitoring thing has become a real thing, it was time to setup a real domain for the blog. 

But why?

A real domain and a dedicated content management system do become with apparent benefits.

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