Part 64: I, for one, welcome our new AI blogger overlords

As I now have GPT4All perfectly suitable for writing fascinating stories about everything, why not to utilize it even more? Please welcome the new spin-off website, What's up, home? Generative AI Edition. A cronjob running on my What's up, home? environment will run itself every morning 7am Finnish time, generate a fresh new story based on active Zabbix alerts, and post it to the new website over Drupal API.

Part 58: Time to start to use Zabbix 7.0 (at home)

Since I will have some real use for Zabbix 7.0 when it comes out, I figured out that maybe it's time to switch my What's up, home? main instance to run on Zabbix 7.0beta1. Actually, I first upgraded to Zabbix 7.0alpha9 early yesterday, but then 7.0beta1 got released later in the evening before I had time to play around with alpha9. 

Anyway, now my Raspberry Pi 4 is running the latest-and-greatest version of Zabbix. A possible bumpy ride ahead, but I'm ready!

Drupal updated from 9.x to 10.x

Just.a quick note: as the Drupal version (9.x) this site was running on is not supported anymore, I migrated the site to Drupal 10.x. As the theme I was using with Drupal 9.x is not compatible with 10.x, the site is for now using the Drupal 10 default theme. That actually looks quite OK, so I'll get back to theming whenever I have time.

What's my facial cream SLA?

I've been busy as a bee, so I've been unable to post new content here... anyway can you imagine it's been more than one year of What's up, home? already?! Time flies! 

To celebrate that, here's a proof of how bad I am still with remembering to apply my facial cream. Check out this SLA report for some recent weeks. I still get alerted about it and still after an alert it can go for long enough that my SLA can be really bad. Uh oh. Maybe on one day I'll learn.

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