Part 55: How badly a limping memory card affects Raspberry Pi 4 performance?

Now almost a year ago I blogged about my nine months of experience with running Zabbix on Raspberry Pi 4. I guess it's time to revisit that a bit, as the probably soon-to-fail memory card that came with Raspberry is causing all kinds of issues, even though everything important like Zabbix database is stored on external USB drive.

The filesystem layout

My Raspberry Pi is still booting from the memory card that came with it. However, I have moved much of the stuff to external USB drive I have connected to Raspberry:

Part 33: My nine months experience with Raspberry Pi 4 and Zabbix

Is Raspberry Pi 4 a goodbye or good buy for running Zabbix? How is it performance-wise? Is it reliable? Here's my nine months review of it, with a splash of appliance/application performance monitoring.

After in about April 2022 when it became clear that I am going to continue my home monitoring project, I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 to run the show. Here's my opinion how well it is suited for running Zabbix.

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