Part 31: Welcome to my new virtual home!

New year comes with new ideas, so I decided to move my blog from LinkedIn to a dedicated website, This week I'll write about the rationale of my move.

LinkedIn articles did serve my blogging purposes quite well. However, now that my home monitoring thing has become a real thing, it was time to setup a real domain for the blog. 

But why?

A real domain and a dedicated content management system do become with apparent benefits.

  • It's much easier to browse around the content for me and the users
  • The articles won't get lost to LinkedIn stream
  • I manage and own all the content, so it's trivial to transfer from place A to place B
  • I can extend the functionality of this site to cover whatever I want
  • I can create scheduled articles to make my life easier
  • I can automate stuff much easier

As I've been busy building this site, no new home monitoring content for the week, unless it would count that I'm monitoring this website.

Web scenario screenshot showing response time and download speed
So far so good, but on the other hand I am the only user here. Let's see what happens when all three regular readers of mine will cause a visitor surge.


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