Part 70: What's your name, again? Time for DNS monitoring!

DNS checks cover image

As Zabbix 7.0 gains some enhancements in DNS monitoring, too, let's add to that my synthetic monitoring toolpack theme of the week. I'm not actually sure if my global testing is global in reality, as this is going through Proton VPN. The results look such similar that maybe the tests are using some nearby Proton VPN DNS server... I didn't yet check with Wireshark. Anyway, let's imagine this would work.

Setup the DNS tests

So, there's two Zabbix agent items you can use: net.dns.perf for performance check, and net.dns.record for checking what's the result coming back from DNS server. I applied these to my blogprobe hosts I created in my two previous blog entries.

DNS items

The items themselves are very simple:

Performance checkDNS resolving result

That's it!

Check that it works

By going to Latest data we can see that this works:

Latest data

Adding some widgets

To visualize this, I added two widgets - a graph for performance, and a plain text widget for the query results.

DNS resolving performanceDNS resolver result

And done!

DNS monitoring gone overkill

I mentioned this when I first started using Zabbix 7.0beta1, but if you really want, you can go nuts with DNS monitoring details ... here is a visualization how it can look.

DNS metricsDNS metrics


Final words

So, this week, with some few relatively simple steps, I built a simplified global blog availability monitoring for my blog, covering HTTP, traceroute and DNS checks happening over multiple Proton VPN connections. This kind of technique can be used if you don't have the possibility to use remote Zabbix proxies and agents, or if you cannot use services like Grafana Cloud.

Once again, Zabbix to the rescue! In the end, observability is simple. Next time, we'll build some fancy dashboards based on the data we have collected so far.


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