Part 71: Zabbix 7.0 beta1 --> beta2 update was painless

Cover image for Zabbix MFA

I was supposed to show you some dashboard creation, but Zabbix 7.0beta2 came out today and of course I had to update to it. The update itself was just as uneventful as I hoped -- with my Raspberry Pi, the whole process went through in about a minute. This blog post is probably among the shortest I have ever made, but the one new feature made me post this immediately. There are other new features like still more performance tuning under the hood, smaller cosmetic changes such as new icons, but the one that got me excited is...

Time for Two-factor authentication!

One new feature that I immediately activated was MFA, now there's an additional security layer in front of my Zabbix authentications provided by Google Authenticator. Or, not to render my Zabbix inaccessible, for now I created an additional user who then belongs to my new MFA group.

Setting this up took only few minutes -- I am not going to repeat the instructions, but instead point you to these excellent instructions by InitMAX.

Check out these new beautiful screenshots!

MFA tabMFA user


After username and password prompt

From now on my home fortress is even better protected than before. Thanks, team Zabbix!

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